In our monthly newsletter, “Project of the Month”, Berliner Creative Center showcases projects we feel are deserving of special mention. Criteria for inclusion might be a playground’s unique play value, special circumstances surrounding its construction, or perhaps its individuality, size or location. We hope you enjoy the article. Perhaps it might even inspire you in the creation of your own unique playground.

Way out west, in sunny California, the small town of Fair Oaks has created a beautiful destination spot for families! Gum Ranch Park, a creation of the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District is the first of several collaborations between Berliner and the district. Working closely together, LA firm Fuhrman Leamy Land Group and our sales consultant Bridget Muck created a signature park with two distinct play areas that offer multiple ways to play.

playground climbing dome
playground slide
Berliner playground sign

The District loved the natural aesthetics of our Trii line which aligned perfectly with the overall feel of the park. By including the Greenville style in the design and adding pops of color, like Traffic Orange and Lime, it draws attention to every piece on this project. For adventurous climbers, Berliner created a combination featuring a Spaceball L and a Trii.2 connected via suspension bridge. The spatial net inside the Spaceball allows users to hang out and climb together using multiple entry points like the access net, climbing rope and climbing ladder. The Trii.2 with rope floor also offers fun add-ons including a banister and Fast Lane Slide to make a quick exit. This section of the park also houses the Palmetto Twins, which lets users swing and relax together!

playground design

In a separate play area designated for younger kiddos, Berliner assembled this small play space with plenty of play value. The Spoo combination features a Spoo M.01, which has a ramp and a Fast Lane Slide, attached via inverted ladder to a Mini Mars. The Mini Mars also has a Hammock, which allows little ones to relax and swing. The smaller area also includes an O’Tannebaum.2.5, where multiple kids can spin around collectively. For a fun balancing act, the Orbit.01 is a great piece for younger users and even adults to test their balancing skills!

playground rope bridge

Gum Ranch has become a hotspot among the Sacramento community. We would like to thank Bridget Muck and the Landscape Architects at Furhman Leamy Land Group, and particularly the Fair Oaks community for making us apart of this spectacular playground. This project will continue to impact the community for years to come!

We hope you enjoyed this month’s installment of Project of the Month! We look forward to hearing from you!