Project Programming

Specific Plans/Design Guidelines
Community Workshops, User Surveys and Analysis
Opportunities/Constraints Studies/Site Analysis
Facility Programming and Schematic Studies
Budgetary Cost Analysis
Public Presentations
ADA Review

Master Planning

Facility Layout and Site Specific Planning
Development Guidelines and Site Planning
Visual Simulation and 3D Modeling
Pedestrian/Bicycle Circulation Systems
Green  Industry and LEED AP certification
Open Space/Greenbelt/ and Oak Mitigation Planning
Roadway Corridors & Utility Easements
Native Tree Mitigation Plans
Grading Studies and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
Parks and Recreation

Construction Documents/Administration

Grading and Drainage Design and Earthwork Calculations
Planting Design
Water Conservation and Management and Irrigation Design
Athletic and Recreation Design
Construction Cost Estimating
Letting of Bids and Construction Administration
Parking Sructure and Rooftop Design