Acting as the prime consultant for the Cosumnes Community Services District, FLLG provided contract documents and design consultation services for this 1.7 acre Neighborhood Park. The park includes play structures, picnic areas, horseshoes pits, a par course for adults, a meditation patio, large turf areas for play, and a butterfly garden. Several large oak trees were preserved on the site and acted as the inspiration for the “Oak Woodland” theme carried throughout the park. Pre-cast acorns and an oak leaf metal filigree motif add to this design concept. Lending itself to a unique approach, the drainage system was designed to funnel all on-site runoff into a natural swale before it is filtered and carried into the adjacent wetlands. A bridge crosses the swale, integrating it as a natural element in the park.

The play equipment is split into two areas for children of ages 2 - 5 and ages 5 - 12.  The apparatus’ for both play areas are equipped with climbers, slides, swings, spinners, a teeter-totter, and activity panels. Large bear paw prints meander through the resilient surface material as part of the woodland theme. The play decks are protected from the sun with a combination of composite leaf-hut shaped roofs and shade fabric canopies. First Five California, an organization that invests in services and programs that directly benefit children and families and advocates for a sustainable early childhood system for future generations, provided the grant for the butterfly garden. The garden includes educational kiosks describing the life cycle of a butterfly. The Park received the Park Planning & Design Achievement Award from the California Parks & Recreation Society (CPRS).