Mahany Park is a 225-acre park in the City of Roseville. FLLG was the prime design consultant in a Design/Build team for this one-acre portion of Mahany Park. Project Play is the first fully accessible park for the City of Roseville, and careful consideration was given to designing elements for all abilities and ages. FLLG worked closely with the landscape contractor and the City of Roseville to develop a park that allows for play through four senses: touch, smell, site, and sound. The park includes three water play elements, a sand play area, a sensory garden, and a sensory log with sound. The play equipment is split into the Ladybug Area for children under two and the Butterfly Area for ages 2-5. 

The apparatus for the 2-5 area is fully wheelchair accessible, with many activity panels. Both areas are protected by the sun with shade fabric in the shape of their namesake insect. The Sensory Garden has plants to smell and touch. Interspersed through the plants are buttons that play nature sounds. The Sensory Log is wheelchair accessible and has textures to explore with your hands and sounds to listen to. The main water feature is the Water Mountain Park from which water runs down the dry creek bed, under a bridge, and into the landscape. The resilient surfacing has colorful butterflies and flowers to complete the insect and nature theme. Phases 2 and 3 have been completed and include a large 5-12 age themed play structure and swings.

Project Play at Mahany Park was honored by the California Parks and Recreation Society with the Award of Excellence in Facility Design – Specialty Park Design at the 2010 annual conference ,as well as the District 2 Award of Excellence for 2010.