Quarry Park is the central component of the City of Rocklin’s downtown revitalization strategy in the Historic Quarry District, and it is envisioned to provide residents of Rocklin and visitors to the city with a destination venue that will promote the city, community programs, and business activities. The project is designed to capitalize on their historical assets, natural resources and existing infrastructure. In collaboration with the city, a three phase Master plan was developed for improving this 17-acre community redevelopment project. Phase 1 included the remodeling of a portion of Fire Station 1, creating pathways, fencing, special events amphitheater, and a band stage. One of the highlights of the project is the 1,000 “natural” seat amphitheater along with future facilities to include interactive water play, Adventure Park, farmers market, and retail components. Rocklin does not have a traditional downtown, and city staff anticipates that this project, with its varying amenities and proposed activities, will transform this area into an active vibrant iconic gathering location with Quarry Park as the central gathering area.

A major design element was incorporating the mining history into the modern amenities. This facilitated the use of wood, metals, and a lot of granite.